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Product Review: Apple BeatsX Earphones

I'm back with another product review, this time it's analysing my pair of Apple BeatsX Bluetooth Earphones which I've had since about March 2017.

Apple BeatsX Earphones

I've always been a bit of an audiophile, wherever I go I need my music, whether it be 15 minutes down the road to the shops or on a long train ride, music just makes me happy.

Before this pair of earphones I had a pair of wired Sennheiser CX300 Noise Isolating Headphones which had great sound but every 12-24 months I found myself replacing them because a wire would pull out from one of the earphones.

Sennheiser CX300 Earphones

I thought it was time to step into the 21st Century and upgrade to some bluetooth wireless earphones. Firstly I would've bought a pair of Sennheiser ones but they only offered over ear headphones which I'm not a fan of. So I found a pair of Sony earphones, but after a few months these were very annoying and quite bulky when you wore a beanie as it was during the winter months.

After using the earphones for a few months I had some niggles and some 'these are great' moments. My first niggles, but can't be helped, are the fact they need to be charged around every 8 hours, that didn't happen with my old Sennheisers but I guess you take the good with the bad.

The earbuds themselves are magnetic which is great when you have them hanging around your neck as they keep together. The controls on the left cable allow you to adjust the volume and also pause and play music, with the middle button allowing you to start and end phonecalls. This in itself is quite a handy feature as you don't need to grab your phone when making or receiving calls.

The sound is great and I always prefer earphones that have rubber ends as they mould to your ear and feel more comfortable than regular plastic Apple Earphones. I also loved the lack of cable running to your media device, no more tugging on your earphone when the cable became a bit short.

CNET Apple BeatsX Earphones Side View

Another niggle which I've somewhat had to get use to is that the cable leading from the neck up to the ear is excessively long as you can see in the side profile photo. I need to wear a shirt for work and this long cable can sometimes get caught in the collar.

Now leading into winter, coats have made there return and I find sometimes that when I turn my head the cable will get caught on the collar which pulls the earphone out, very frustrating!

I just don't understand why Apple/Beats designed the cables to be so long, it just seems unnecessary.

Oneday I went to put in my BeatsX Earphones and they wouldn't connect or turn on, after a bit of back and forth with Apple they gave me a factory replacement pair and I haven't had the same issues again.

Apple AirPods

Although a great pair of earphones I find myself questioning whether there is something better out there for a similar price. I'm now looking at the Apple AirPods which I'm going to try tomorrow in an Apple store but I have my doubts as I don't like the standard EarPods and I'm assuming they are the same fit as the AirPods.

Let me know what you think of the above models and also if you recommend any other wireless bluetooth earphones.


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