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What brought you to this page? Want to know my secrets? Let's get to know each other a little first before I spill all the beans.

I'm Lennard, an Industrial Designer and the founder of Designation Design.

The journey began when I started out just wanting to share what I believed were the best designs that I had come across. This soon turned into something more, I found this stream to be a way of discovering what the audience liked and as followers increased I discovered more.

Starting off in the world of Instagram and the traction that followed allowed me to take things further and bring you this website, which is ever evolving and so is the world of Designation Design.​​

The chair image on this page is what started this incredible journey.

I've continued to grow the Designation Design brand and this has allowed me to partner with brands such as Plumen, Holstee, LUNE and others to offer their amazing products in the Shop.

The latest project was the Designation Design Annual eBook which was recently launched. The book can be downloaded from here  and summarises the best designs over 12 months which have been voted by the Designation Design community on Instagram.

Each spread offers a detailed insight into each design and gives you details on who, what and where.

I'd love to hear your feedback about the Annual, so please get in contact with your comments.

Lennard Ewenson (Founder)

Designation Design Annual Montage-01.png
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