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1000th Instagram Post

I thought I'd write this to celebrate the fact that today after just over two years we have posted our 1000th Instagram piece!!

(this is where you all cheer)

For those of you who are interested I thought maybe I'd delve into a little more detail about the journey up until now.

I started Designation Design firstly because I loved the concept of Instagram as I have always had a passion for photography and thought it was a great platform to quickly and easily share your life.

As an Industrial Designer myself I've always had an appreciation for great looking objects and everyone has there own style or certain type of design that they like. Mine steers towards minimalism, where the design is paired back to its essentials and this idea of capturing designs that I loved in one place seemed like a brilliant concept.

So this is where it started:

The very first post I made as Designation Design was June 19th 2015; a simple and yet elegant wooden chair.

Starting off with just a simple title of 'Timber' and a few hashtags because I heard that's what you need to do to go 'viral'. Well I didn't go viral, but I got a bit of a buzz from a few likes and so continued on each day posting my favourite designs.

For me it was a bit of an outlet, to share my appreciation for design and hopefully build a community of like minded people and if you skip forward two years and 999 posts later I think that has been achieved, but this is only the beginning.

Each post was a design that I liked followed by a simple one word title that summarised what the image was all about, although I thought this was minimalism at its greatest I had friends who were commenting that they wanted to know more about the objects.

So September 30th I started adding more text to each post, hopefully feeding more information to the viewers through a short summary and also tagging the designer if they were on Instagram. This seemed to help with increasing traffic and likes.

It was only in August last year that we launched the website as an offering to our followers to find the designs they loved and where they could be purchased. Since then I have learned about SEO (search engine optimisation) through friends and the endless information online and it has really helped in the website growing from strength to strength.

In this time we also launched our Facebook and Twitter accounts, so follow the links at the bottom of the page and give us a follow :)

Fitting Designation Design in between having a full time job can mean some long nights at times but the rewards have outweighed those nights as I've met some great people along the way and continue to be involved in the world of design which is the real reason this journey began.

So I hope you've enjoyed the journey so far and follow us as we continue to build and evolve the brand of Designation Design.


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