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Clerkenwell Design Week 2017

So here in London it's a public holiday today and we spent a few days in Newquay which is near the South West tip of England. Taking some time away from London and exploring new places is always a great chance to discover new things and an opportunity to recharge the batteries a little, but at the end of it all coming back to the buzz of London is great.

Newquay Beach, Cornwall

London has some terrific design shows and events run all year long and if you want to head along to any read our previous post to find out what's happening in 2017.

So before we headed off to Newquay on Friday, we were exploring the streets of Clerkenwell on Thursday for the Clerkenwell Design Week.

The annual event is held on the streets of Clerkenwell, an inner city borough North of the Thames River in which multitudes of businesses and designers exhibit their latest offerings or open up their showrooms and work spaces and invite you in to chat and explore.

Sunset Lamp - Lozi Designs

If you are a designer yourself then you will always appreciate events like this where you can see first hand what people have been working on which can inspire you to create your own pieces whether relevant to the show or completely different industry.

We had a brief plan to head North from Farringdon station through St James Church and continue further up towards Spa Fields Park where a two storey tent would await us with more brilliance.

Scalerule Pavillion

For those lucky people who were at Clerkenwell Design Week on Thursday, London had put a show on with the weather as the sun was shining and the temperatures were keeping people happy and smiling.

After a short pit stop for lunch we continued back down south and explored more of what was on offer, often stumbling across a company or designer we had never heard of but instantly appreciating their work.

BuzziSpace Jungle

Our final stop was at Fabric Nightclub which had been converted for the show into a mini exhibition centre, each room and space was full of delightful designs that had our minds ticking on what our next project was going to be.

Norr11 Stand at Fabric

If you have any questions about the event let us know through our contact page.

Can't wait for next year!


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