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Iris gives you the freedom to draw circles effortlessly. Enjoy drawing single, concentric, or even shaded circles with its unique moving aperture. The walnut centring tool allows you to position your circle to a given point or can be used as a stand to display your Iris.

Iris Drawing Compass

  • "wonderfull piece of gear. A pleasure to use and hold and just look at!! The only issue is the circles are not absolutely smooth with the circle being 'jittered' by the iris veins. This may not be a problem for many users but a circle is a circle. That minor issue a side I will enjoy this beautiful piece of engineering for the rest of my life."
    - Ray S.

    "As a design consultant, everything from knowledge and reputation to reliability and presentation help clients determine who they’ll be partnering with to accomplish their wildest and lifelong outdoor living space dreams! This eye turning tool, that I use daily, together with its practicality and portability, makes for a great addition to anyone who seeks a high quality device, who doesn’t compromise in design or functionality! I highly recommend it!"
    - Ace Costa S.

    "I think the iris is an amazing bit of cit that I think anyone who is into drawing should endeavour to have."
    - Owen W.

    "I can feel the craftsmanship when I turn the Iris. The tool is not only useful but visually stunning!"
    - Daniel S.